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Re: Schools & Dyslexia??!!??


Thats wonderful.What a successful day!!!

You keep that paper work in order.Reason being it will help your son in the future with college scholarships and grants.My daughters college is all paid for through Learning Disability grants.Small price to pay for years of struggling but it has helped finacially.Also in later in life if he becomes disabled(Lord forbid) at a young age this will aide him in getting Social security benifits if he doesn't have enough working credits.
My daughter is a black belt in Tang Soo DO.She received that her 8th grade year.It was a great class it helps with the focussing and concentration.She's going to school for criminal law.She wants to be a juvenile probation officer.
She says most juvenile offenders are LD students that have taken there frustrations out on others and she wants to make a different and show these kids that they can succeed positivly versus negativity.
Your sons goals are awesome most 12 yearolds have no clue if they want a higher education or not.Your doing a great job.Your son will succeed at everything he does he has a great support team.I wish more parents would get in tune with there childs education.regardless LD or not.