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Re: Severe Gas Pains & Diarrhea From Salad, Is This Just Gas?

All of these comments really scare me. I've been scheduled to have my gallbladder taken out soon. I have recently developed a problem with salad. I went to a rib place with my family and thought that a salad would be the safest way to go for my stomach. Turns out, the salad gave me a huge attack. Ever since then, every time I try to eat salad, I can't. It hurts horribly. I have heard both people with gall bladder problems and pancreatitus can't eat salad. The only thing that REALLY concerns me is why you still can't even after they have taken out your gallbladder. I thought that taking out the gallbladder was supposed to help and take away pain when you eat. My pain is unbearable the way that it is now. I don't think I can handle a few more years of this! How long do they predict for things to continue to bother you after you have had it removed? What is the BRAT diet? I really need help to know what to eat, since everything seems to be hurting me right now. Why is salad a no no? Does it have fat in it?