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Unhappy a long and confusing one!!

HEY GUYS I AM NEW HERE!! well, yesterday i went for my 20 week ultrasound and found out we were having a boy!! well, the tech was talking to my hubby while i was using the bathroom and i really couldn't hear much. well when i asked my hubby later he said that the tech saw 1 bright dot in the heart. he said when he saw that, he looked for hand and feet movement and he said there was plenty. he told my hubby that everything looked normal. and told us not to worry. but of course me being the worrying one, i went on the internet and searched for that. i found the whole thing about ICEF. when it said my baby could have d/s i freaked and am still freaking out! i don't know what to do!1 i am sorry if this sounds confusing. can someone give me a GOOD AND EASY (to understand) website to go to about this!! my hubby says i am worrying for nothing and that the tech said it is normal cause there was only one. he was looking for more "bright spots" but didn't see any!! thanks guys for listening! TIA, CATHY

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