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Re: Severe Gas Pains & Diarrhea From Salad, Is This Just Gas?

Stephanie, I am the one who started this thread and glad to see the replies, especially the one about the solution they soak the salads in. I will tell you that my GI doctor told me to please stay away from salad bars, especially in the summer when it's transported in the heat. Honestly, I will never go to a salad ar myself. I know it's scary to read about us post-gall bladder people. I had mine out over 4 months ago and still get diarrhea sometimes. However, I had this before too so I may have IBS. You asked what the BRAT diet it. It's bananas, rice, applesauce and toast which is recommended for diarrhea for a few days until it subsides. Please know that not everyone will get diarrhea after gall bladder surgery. What I have not gotten is severe gall bladder attacks (I didn't even have stones...just a poorly functioning gall bladder). For me, having a little toilet in the back of the car makes me feel a little more secure. I have never used it and wonder how I would in broad daylight :-) but you know, when the urge comes, there's nothing you can do. They're only about $12 online. Anyway, try to think positively about the surgery, stay away from fats and salad or anything that gives you the runs now, for the first few months. I have friends who went out after the surgery andd had a cheeseburger and fries and were fine, so you never know. I sure don't advise that as a test but the point is, you may be real fine and be able to eat whatever you want. Good luck!