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Re: a long and confusing one!!


Look at the post from jackiejetta_84 called Echogenic intracardiac foci? She's going through the same thing and there is some information I wrote to her. My daughter also had the bright spot in her left ventricle- the only sign of ds. BUT... 5 % of all the normal population has it - it is even more common in people of Asian decent. When speaking to others about the findings in Sadie's heart- I found that a lot of my friends with perfectly healthy babies had it to. It is only one of 15 physical markers of ds and is actually considered to be a soft marker. With that said.. yes my beautiful little girl does have ds. She is the love of our lives and the center of our family. Although she has more dr. appointments, therapy and requires a little (and I mean only a little) more care than my other 3- she is the happiest, sweetiest, cutiest little girl ever!!!!!! I couldn't imagine her any other way. Good luck, I know your scared- just be positive!