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Re: light headed, dizziness?

ill put my hand up for this one! i am ALWAYS dizzy and often feel lightheaded. it was so bad the past two nights that i couldnt sleep. i felt sick to my stomach from being so dizzy. i hate this. i dont know why its a symptom of anxiety but i know a lot of people have it. even people who have never said anything about it. ive had two friends recently mention to me that they were ALWAYS dizzy. i felt so bad for them but at the same time it was kind of reassuring to me that i wasnt dying. a lot of people have dizziness. also when i am really stressed or freaked out about something it can cause me to be lightheaded. even days later. ive talked to doctors about it and they all say it's anxiety. i want to get my inner ear checked out though too. dont worry you are not alone on this. my dizziness is so bad that im constantly leaning on things like when im doing my makeup in the morning i lean on my sink to steady me.

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