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This is really dumb, but I hate feelling wrong

Okay as silly as this is. I gave Mike a hard time about getting my nails done. I really do not like having fake nails...they're dull and they get in my way when typing or opening a soda stuff like that. Well he hates my natural nails because they wont grow out very much and they break pretty easy so they are never the same length. I'v never really been bothered but he begged me to get some fake nails. I really can't afford the $20 it cost every two weeks to keep them up, but he said it's 20 bucks your spending on yourself for me. I said I'd get them, but he had to pay for the fill ins. Is this wrong of me to ask? He says he doesnt ask for much and that I should be willing to do this for him....Grr

Oh and I got the nails yesterday
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