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Re: This is really dumb, but I hate feelling wrong

I think that your bf should just accept you for you. I'm assuming you didn't have long nails when you met so he should be OK with it. That being said, I've had the same issue with my BF. I cannot grow nails for the life of me. I have a bad habit of biting them though, so it is kinda gross and something that I've always wanted to change but can't stop the habit. My BF, in the past, has sometimes grabbed my hands and been like "why don't you do something about this?" WELL, I had tried fake nails in the past and hated them. But one day I decided to give it another shot. And I really liked them this time. So did my BF. I started wearing them all the time, but then I just stopped having time to put them on or didn't have money to go buy more -- and my BF understood when I told him the cost. Now I only wear them for special occasions. I think my BF is fine with the knowledge that when I want to get really dressed up and all that, I'll include my nails in the process. This is something I'm happy about, too.

BUT, I wanted to point out that I use the $6 nails you can get at any store and put them on myself. Would this be an option for you? Of course, they don't last as long. But, I know I couldn't (and my BF knows) afford to get them done in a salon.

What I would do is explain to your boyfriend that while you would love to please him and make him happy, that you cannot afford to do so. Does he only want a wealthy woman? You just need to tell him that you can't afford it. Make it very clear. "If I keep this up, I won't be able to eat lunch at work anymore. I cannot afford to do my nails."