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Re: Massive dental phobia

I share your pain.

I have been dreaming/nightmaring about teeth every time I get involved with dentistry.

I had a dentist tell me, "We make it as painless as possible."
And I said to him, "it's not the's the horrible expense and the fear of incompetent work that makes matters worse, increases costs over and over again for the same tooth and results in tooth loss anyway."

As a child, I never found the dentist anything more than a mere annoyance, but as I progressed from one ham-handed quack to another and suffered from horrible and overpriced work, I slowly developed what I can only describe as TERROR. The really awful thing is that unless we want to suffer the consequences from NO dentistry we must deal with the nightmare. For me, it is a close call as to which nightmare is the more frightening prospect.

(If there WAS a God, we'd have all been born with a set of 32 perfect STAINLESS STEEL TEETH!)

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