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Re: Massive dental phobia

Find a dentist that uses oral sedation and get all your teeth fixed in one sitting, if possible. Make sure you find the best dentist possible! Ask friends, look on the internet etc. Go as soon as possible. I avoided the dentist for several years and was like you, after I went I was still really nervous before each follow up appointment, but it was never as bad as before the first visit after many years.

I feel like the previous poster, the pain isn't the major issue. I am afraid that I'll need some type of denture someday. But I am also afraid that the dentist is not doing good work and it will cost more and more and in the end I will be broke! Dental insurance, at least most of it, seems to be a joke in this country. Ours pays only $1000 a year, that doesn't even pay for one whole root canal and crown. Let alone a bridge, if you needed a tooth pulled. I was in a car accident as a passenger 20 years ago and it knocked half of my 4 lower front teeth half off. So they had to do root canals on those teeth and put crowns on them. Recently I had an abscess under one of the roots of the teeth. They did a retreatment and now I am so worried that this won't do the trick and I'll need to get the tooth pulled. And then what... the dentist is worried about a bridge, because one of the teeth next to that one, is a root canaled broken tooth too and he is afraid the bridge would fail. Implants don't always work either and that would leave me with what? If I had unlimited funds it all wouldn't be as stressful.