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Re: Agoraphobia & Safe Person

i have had agoraphobia on and off for 8 years, but its only this year i realized it was agoraphobia, i have a safe person which is my mum, when i'm with her i can do anything or if i'm with my best friend, when i'm alone i get very nervous and sometimes panic.
its really easy to become dependent on aperson because you feel safe with them, try going for a short walk or even a few steps on your own, remind your self you are safe, i started going for walks on my own, at first i could only manage to the end of the road but now on a good day i can walk into town.
i'm seeing a psychologist right now which as helped me alot, you could even try going to the shops with your wife and getting her to wait at the door so you can pratice being by yourselfbut also knowing your wife is close by,