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"aura migraines" AFTER a stroke?

I've tried to look this up on the web, but only find articles about how people who have aura migraines are at a greater risk for a stroke...

Has anyone else who's had a stroke, started getting auras/aura migraines AFTER the stroke??

I had it 3 times within the first few months of having my stroke. The first time it freaked me out, the "blind spot" in my vision that grew, the strange lines that seemed to zig zag in my vision... I went to the hospital, they gave me a CT scan, showed nothing, and the doctor said it was 'aura migraines'.....I'd never had any kind of migraine before in my life. it's been about a YEAR since the last time I had one, and I just had another. It's mostly a vision disturbance for me...I do get a headache, but it's nothing MAJOR, like I would think a migraine would be...

this happen to anyone else??

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