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Re: Agoraphobia & Safe Person

I had a "safe person" for two years (my best friend) until I moved away...and I haven't had one for a year now. He was the only person, I felt could understand what I was going through, since he also had some of the same problems. My therapist told me I needed to just take small steps out into the world alone. It is very hard for me, since I have been agoraphobic for a while now, but I also have no choice, since I have no "safe person" anymore. I basically plan what I need from whatever store....go straight for it....get it paid for....and out the door. In the least amount of time as possible. I don't even remember what its like to actually shop around.

It is very easy to become dependant on your "safe person"....but as far as I'm concerned.....if it makes your life even a tiny bit less stressful....then what is the harm? I only wish I still had mine, so I could hang around longer in a store to see what's new.