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Re: Agoraphobia & Safe Person

I think the next step for you is to do things 'by yourself' but have your 'safe person' within reach of contact incase you really can't take it. I did this with my mom when I tried going back to the gym. The first time she didn't stay but I could still contact her and only lasted 15 minutes before I felt like I couldn't breathe. Next time she sat in her car outside and I lasted 10 more minutes than last time! Each time I started lasting longer and now I don't even think about the anxiety attacks.

You should try to do something like I have done where you have the safe person close enough if you really need them but try to last as long as you can without them because it will pay off! After a little over a month of doing stuff like this I was able to practice soccer alone for 4 hours by myself completely (without a thought of an anxiety attack at all).

Trust me it will help if you kind of make yourself do things just because you have to realize it is irrational that just because you are alone you will instantly die\pass out or whatever your fear behind it is. I realize it is hard to and that is why you have to slowly get yourself doing things until you don't even think about it. Good luck!