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Exclamation We broke up, feel so lost

My guts feel like they've been ripped out...ok so we didnt hav an easy relationship but he just ended it on a whim from what I can see. We've been through some bad times in the 3 years we were together so how he could just end it in a phone call without even talking things over I just dont get it. He said he was sure it was the right things but how can he be when 2 days before he said he wanted us to work things out, 3 weeks ago I was the girl of his dreams and right from the start he said im the girl he wants to just doesnt make sense. All my friends are sayin it sounds like he made such a quick decision so he'll prob change his mind again (not that I want him to cos he's broken my heart now) but id like to know there was a little doubt you know. The worst thing is he said he loved me when we hung up the phone...y do that?????? Im jus so confused.

3 years seems like such a long time to just chuck away- how can I get over this? I'm keeping busy, went out last night, goin dance class tonight and organising weekends with friends and things but im scared that when I finally stop being busy im just gonna break down. I feel like my life is in tatters, he was everythin and all my choices revolved around him- i dunno how to adjust to being on my own. Maybe he never really loved me...I mean if he loved me like i love him he'd have bust his butt trying to work things out instead he can throw that away cos he wants more freedom.

Any help/advice/opinions would be welcome cos right now I feel like total ****!

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