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Does this constitute 'mania'? ... tell me about yours too

Ok - was diagnosed few weeks back BP after years of erratic behaviour, guilt, and major depression (originally diagnosed MDD).

I fleet between accepting and wanting the diagnosis of BP and then completely failing to see how they arrived at it, time after time after time......

I would be grateful to hear if people who have been diagnosed can identify any of my traits to be those of manic, and in return I would also like to hear what people experience when manic, in their own words...

Ok - so this is me when I am 'supposedly' manic...
Extreme aggression towards anyone and anything, violent and abusive, arrogant to the point of ridiculous (on reflection), absolutely no talking to me - my way is the only 'rational' way after all and everyone else is wrong, wreckless driving, feeling totally immortal, could take on the world and win, electric, totally buzzing with energy, no touching anyone just like they can't touch me, completely in my own world, come into house..go out..come in...go out...come in... (you get the picture).... shopping spedning hundreds of at a time but feeling good with it, then after it all (from few hours to couple of days at a time I feel the most immense guilt for my 'unstoppable' behaviour. Can't believe I've done it 'again'. Feel my 'sorries' have become empty. Worry about money. Go down into my low.

***but although I talk very loudly and fast my words do make sense!!!

does anyone identify with this for their mania?? or I'm I just ill behaved??? really don't know......

what do you experience as mania??????
Interested to hear,


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