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Re: Any ideas on life expectancy of stage 4 oral cancer patient

I am sorry to hear about your mother, its always hard to hear this news, and worse to have to wait for results.

Hopefully it will be nothing, but I have been where you are, my grandmother was 92 and had a second round of colon caner, she elected not to undergo treatments. She remained happy and alert right to the end. She was a teachers aide and was in class up to the last two weeks when she became to weak to go anymore.

My mother is 72 now and just diagnosed with mens ii, terminal. She also is electing to not undergo surgery or treatments. She looked at the treatments, and the prognosis effects and she felt that it didn't warrent taking the chemo or radiation, as she would not have quality or gain longevity.

It is such a personal discission whether to pursue treatment or not, look into the treatments, side effects and effect on prognosis. If the treatment causes debilitating side effects and doesn't effect the prognosis in a significant way, then I would have to think hard about doing it. However, look at the progression of the desease itself and see which is worse the treatment or the process of the desease itself.

Best wishs