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Re: Torso Crooked After Back Injury. Please Help!!

DON"T GO TO THOSE USELESS CHIROPRACT. Go straight to a neurosurgeon have an take a took and and test done such as MRI done. I bet you have case of bulging disc even hernicated disc. I bet you also feel that sciatica attack of the pain u are describing.It's better to get to the root of the problem now and save you a lot of time and money doing conservative treatments.
Just for your Info. I was like this a couple of times and I did not go to spine or neurosurgeon until one day. I got this back bent body lean...that was so painful that I couldn't walk for like 2 days.and I have to take painkiller to be able to walk again. After that episode, I decided that this is more than just a simple spasm or muscle pull. Bu that time it kinda like(too little too late..after the fact thing.. you know what I mean. After all the pain, sleepness nites, days off from work etc.).

The end result is just a microd I will have coming up in a couple of weeks.
4/2005 MRI
4/2005 - herniated L4L5S1
4/2006 MRI
10/16/2006 micro-d

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