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Re: could it be bipolar

Originally Posted by jgr01
D*mn. I don't want you to think THAT.

Just, dont let the docs diagnose easily with meds and not therapy or HELP for you if you have 5 children. You have done your best. None of us are perfect. take the help, just keep coming here and make sure you're happy with the course of action; not taking an easy route, which with 5, by Goodness you must sometmes want a break. Of course all 5 know this!!!!! Unconditional! x
well our home life is great here me and my husband have been married for 10 years now we have 5 beautiful kids yes its rough having 5 kids but we make it. me and my husband work together. my daughter i beleave just inherited one of the family illness we have so many i cant even count even i have some but i cant let that stop me i do take very good care of my kids my daughter will be tested soon thats what the docter said first she wonce to see if the medicine workes if not shell cut the bull crap and test her. the reason why the docter put her straight on the medicine with out no test because our family history and her brother has adhd witch the school tested him and said he was to be on medicine as soon as posiable he had it so bad.