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Re: Ms/mood Swings/divorce?


You'll have great support here.These boards are very helpful,supportive and informative.

Sorry to hear about your spouse,my hubby ignores the fact of me having MS also.He has been supportive to a certain extent.I finally after 2 years raised my voice and told him yes I have MS,I deal with everyday and its about time he realizes it,he can't run from it.This disease has effected my walking,vision and hearing.I still take care of the house and my 3 children and do all the running,even on days I can barely walk.I attend all the football games,cross country meets,school functions,without my hubby.My 20 year old daughter is great support,she attends all my DRs. appointments,goes grocery shopping with me,and goes to sporting events and school functions with me.

I grew up with my father being an acoholic,it wasn't pleasant.Alcoholism is a disease itself.Its good you are going to attend a meeting,its benificial to your healing.

Power of prayer does help.I had almost given up my faith in the Lord,I've had 2 failed lumbar surgeries that left me disabled and now June 2006 a diagnosis of MS.Yes,my health is messed up,but the blessings around me (my 4 children and family),just showed me that the lord is hearing me.Don't give up on your faith,the lord will not put more upon us than we can handle.There are many worse off.My grandma used to say when all else fails pray more and harder and you will be heard.

Mood swings are very common with MS.As my symptoms flair up so does my moods.

Prayers to you