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Re: Anyone else crave CARBS???

I've craved carbs my whole life, long, long before I ever started meds. My mother read somewhere... can't remember where... that a LOT of bipolar people crave carbs and sugar--which is completely and totally me. I love bread, noodles, rice, etc and ALWAYS am drinking a Pepsi and eat cookies a lot... unfortunately, I actually don't even take in much of any of the foods I like; the bipolar's messed up my appetite royally and food sounds disgusting pretty much all of the time. So, therefore, I have no eating disorder, am not too poor to buy food, and yet I am underweight by at least fifteen pounds... oh how fun. Oh well. In any case, my cravings for those things didn't change when I started Lamictal and Trileptal, so at least for me the meds don't mean anything.
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