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Re: bilateral vestibulopathy

I saw an ENT and a neurologist. When I got the diagnosis after the ENG, the neurologist suggested I check out the House Ear Clinic. Renowned I guess. The ENT said I could if I wanted to but.........anyway, I went. I went with high hopes for real solutions. The ENT I saw there was unbelievably discouraging. He said the fact that I was getting better slowly, meant maybe there was some hope of possibly getting some relief. At the time, I couldn't lift my head off of any surface without feeling very nauseated. I could hardly walk and seeing while moving was really tough. I was nauseated all the time even at night when I moved. I came away feeling suicidal. The only good thing that came out of it was he said stop all meds and start PT. The other ENT said that PT was not really shown to work but it certainly couldn't hurt. Actually, best thing about PT is that it has seemed to work and I see someone (now twice a week, at about week 7, 3 times) who listens and encourages. I also have muscle aches in my hips and arms from not moving, they are helping with that too.