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Anyone have info on heavy metal posioning?


A few years ago I was diagnosed with pernious anemia for which I get a B12 shot every month. Some of the symptoms went away leaving other which then lead to the diagnosis of hypothyroidism. With some still very strange symptoms left my Dr. completely puzzled conferred with other Drs and they recommended heavy metal testing.

That came back with mercury, lead (I was a stain glass artist)Gadolinium (used for scanning my heart which wasn't beating right and my brain which wasn't feeling right!) that normally is eliminated from your body right away, but nooo, my body decided to hang on to it. Also stuffed into my body is gallium and platinum.

Does anyone else out there have some of these guy stuck in there bodies? I have a great Doctor who is also a homeopath. Without him I may still be trying to find out what's going on.

I was hoping if anyone has similar issues maybe we could exchange thoughts and ideas as to what to expect, when to worry and when to just sleep.


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