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Re: pregnant with ds need of a realistic view

Originally Posted by NatD
My name is Natalie. I am 23 and pregnant with a ds baby. I know test results are never 100% but I am looking for realistic information on what my child and my family life may be like. Everyone around me seems to be sugarcoating it all. I would appreciate the truth right now
Hi Natalie:

I don't have ds kids, so I don't know exactly what having a ds kid is like. However, I can tell you in the first place that having a kid and bringing him or her up, whether ds or not, is not an easy task at all. I presume that a ds kid will require, strictly speaking, more time and attention, but I hear that the parents of a ds kid donot complain about the additional charge and since it can be a challenge for them to educate their child, often will they experience a greater reward in their beautiful task than the parents of a "normal" kid. Ds kids are usually said to be a lot more affectionate and sensitive.

If your kid has ds, you can first of all look at this as a larger experience of life for you: be sure that you won't emerge from it as the same person you were in the beginning. I am sure you will be a better and more mature and compassionate person, even if at times you may revolt and ask: "why me?"

I hope your husband and family can give you the necessary physical and emotional support. For you may occasionally meet with ignorant and prejudiced people.

It is very very important for you to have a healthy pregnancy: eat well, eat fish, seafood, nuts. Stop with all junk food. What you eat now will help to shape the body and mind of your child. Avoid ultrasound, x-rays, tobacco, alcohol. Join, if possible, a group of pregnant women and share your thoughts and fears with them. Prepare yourself for a normal birth, if possible homebirth, so that this will be a first stimulation for your kid. Stay away as much as possible from the cold atmosphere of hospitals. Let your child sense and know that he/she came into this world desired just the way he/she is. Breastfeed your child. This will further help his/her mental and physical development. Love your child, but don't let your love stifle him/her either, but rather let it unfold like encouragement.

Sunshine, walks through the woods, seabathing, shantala (massage for infants), flower essence or seaweed baths, homeopathy, Mental Clarity (Google for New Chapter site - Mental Clarity is natural formula made from wild mushrooms), etc - all of these are resources for you to develop your kid's mental and physical abilities.

This is not a perfect world. Or maybe I should say: in the world there is room for all kinds of people. And if your kid was given the opportunity to be born, he or she has the right to be here.

Best to you and your kid.