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Re: bilateral vestibulopathy

Agree with most of the people here dizzybraod, you should check for a Neurotologyst in your area, and if possible took all the vestibular tests available to see what is really happening to you.

As Billy said, because or your symptoms, they thought of Bilateral Vestibulopathy right away, thoug is quite less common, and again as Billy said, Unilateral Vestibulppathy could easily produce the same symptoms you refer, at least it happened to me.

In any case, you should stay as active as you can and try to get a VRT(Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy)program as soon as you can, it will help either way(for a bilateral or unilateral dysfunction), there is alot of info about this on the net, and on the sticky(the first post of the board), but I suggest yu to find out a Neurotologyst first, take the proper tests, and then start a VRT program as given by your doctor, this will help you greatly.

In short this VRT will help you to accelerate your recovery process, wich even if you don't make VRT, it's already working in your brain to compensate your body for any kind of vestibular problem you may have, but as I've said before, try to stay active this helps the brain to speed up your recovery, just don't over do it.

One important thing with this is to be patient, it could take some time to fullly recover and sometimes it's a bumpy road, but you'll make it, and try to stay in a good mood, that helps a lot too.

Find your doc, take your tests, and keep it up, you're not alone on this boat.