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Re: bilateral vestibulopathy

You are correct in that I was given a diagnosis of viral as a diagnosis of exclusion. My left ear showed no vestibular function and the right showed so minimal it is considered none. That is what the report said. The PT is doing VRT. I really thank you for the encouragement. The one doc who was so discouraging really put me in a depression for a couple of days. I am very fortunate to always be an up person. After the couple of days where I weighed suicide, I decided that I was going to try as hard as I could to try to get better. Haven't been badly depressed since, just down sometimes when I feel I am staying the same or even getting worse. My husband is dying for me to have some wine with him but I am afraid. Other than trying to stay healthy is there anything I should avoid? I am going to PT and trying to walk with friends 3 days a week.