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Re: bilateral vestibulopathy

I only had vertigo in the very beginning. I started on steroids 5 days in and started feeling better with the steroids. I still had a spin when I turned from right to left at night for a while but that is long gone. Glad to hear what you said about alcohol. It is amazing how much everyone wants to see me drink when I tell them I am afraid to. I am so worried about going backwards.

I have been trying to walk with my friends. I shoot for 3 days a week but reality is 2. Based on what you said, I will shoot for everyday even if it is short and by myself. Grocery shopping bothers me but I force myself to do it. PT just told me he thought I would be almost better by the first of the year. I hope so.

Thank you for your support. I can't tell you how much it means to me..