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Re: bilateral vestibulopathy

Thats exactly what I thought when I read that article...

I'm not a good case to compare with, as in my case there are a few aggrevating factors, and it's looking more likely that my problem is "unstable" (ie not caused by a one-off attack such as a virus, but by fluctuating function (some sort of blood flow problem (migraine variant) is a possibility)). I've had problems since Nov '99 (I was 23), but I vastly improved in 2000, so much so that even though I was still symptomatic I could pretty much do everything. However, later that year I developed some other health problems which seemed to worsen my condition. Since then I've been up and down with it, fortunately I don't think my symptoms have ever been as bad as the were initially (thank god!!), but I've also never felt as well as I did six months in. Things were complicated further by a back injury in 2004, which also effects my balance. Once every few months I have a sudden worsening of my symptoms which slowly improve over the space of a month or so, this is probably more indicative of some sort of active process, rather than failing to compensate. That paints a pretty bleak picture, but in reality I can carry on pretty much as normal, in that I run my own business, cycle most days, swim 3 times a week, I just find it heavy going. In general I'm the exception not the rule, and while there are certainly lots of people who don't recover in the alotted "6 week recovery period" (about 40% to be precise) all but a very small minority of those recover over a period of months, and with the help of VRT the success rate is even higher and results achieved quicker.