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Re: Men get your testosterone level checked

The way I understand it. none of the symptoms/problems of having low testosterone can't be reversed by getting your level fixed. since I was 19 (i'm 29 now) I've gained 130lbs. I used to play hockey, I used to play guitar in a band & have quit doing all of that because I'm too tired. I've had severe depression that has gotten worse ever year since my mid teens. I've had panic attacks that led to me even getting Agoraphobia (I was affraid to leave my house). I lost a very good job, I lost another job that wasn't all that great. As far as sex... it got to the point where my wife & I only had sex (at the very most) about 3 times a month. & even then it was more like a chore as I really wasn't that interested in it. My wife thought I wasn't attracted to her anymore which was NOT the case at all.
Since I started receiveing my Testosterone shots (which has only been a month)
All of it is better... No depression, No Anxiety/panic attacks, I've actually lost 7lbs, I have energy that I don't ever remember having, & as far as the sex drive I'll just say I feel like I'm 18 again & things with my wife are much better.