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Re: Flu like back pain after PT worked on trigger points

Hi Boxer_dog_luv,

I know exactly what you mean. My arms and ESPECIALLY my hands would go (and still do) completely numb. I also told my NS about my hands going numb (which actually happened while I was talking to him on the phone for 5 min.), and he also said: ďhmmm I donít know why your hands would go numb?Ē Itís really true what my therapist told me! Most neurologist have no clue that the muscles have to be retrained and heal after such a big surgery.

I did too feel like PT was aggravating everything, but once they slowed down, things became better. Too much too soon is not good. I have been doing better, and I have more good days than bad days now. Although it still takes very little to aggravate everything. Tonight I was at work, and this customer wanted me to send him an email with all this info. I typed for about 10 min. and my arm and shoulder started burningÖ.. now it hurts, but Iím sure that it will calm down again.

How is your energy level? Mine is still terrible, and it takes me forever and a day to go anywhere. Uggghh I hate that part. I want to exercise so bad, but I know that I canít yet. Good Luck to you too, and hang in there.

Take care,

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