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Re: A man who professes he will never marry...

Originally Posted by ladyofkypros
I'm not willing to end it over this and I refuse to be the girl that is constantly dropping hints or god forbid, nagging him for an engagement.
Certainly you realize that it will have to one or the other of these - there's not much between "married to him" or "not married to him".

The longer you go on the MORE emotionally invested that you become and the harder it is to break away. He's being up front with you. I would believe him.

My cousin loved a man who wouldn't commit to marriage & she kept hoping he'd change. She actually hung in there for 12 years - now she's in her late 40's, endometriosis that got bad enough that she'll never have children, & she is still single.

If you want marriage, go.
If you don't care if you are married to the man you love, stay.

I wish it wasn't so difficult & simple all at the same time.