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Re: A man who professes he will never marry...

The logical side of me doesn't care if I was ever married again... too many problems, especially if things go sour. But, stupid me, read something last week about how if a man can't make that kind of committment to you, then he is surely holding out for something better or just doesn't see "you" as being the "one". I KNOW that is not true in all cases and that this was a one sided opinion of an extreme person, but Lord it has played havoc on my emotions and insecurities. Truth is, I would be just fine just living together, but I don't even know if I see THAT happening anytime soon because of outside circumstances. He has two big dogs and I have three yip-yap dogs and two kids. The kids we could accomodate, but the dogs would kill each other and neither of us is willing to give up our pets... I can't... it would kill my kids and I don't expect him too either... I've fallen in love with his dogs as well. I guess I just would like to know that I'm that important to him. Does that make any sense?