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Cool Re: Does this constitute 'mania'? ... tell me about yours too

Mania for me has been to the ultimate degree and limits of torment and distress,
both to myself and loved ones?
When I go manic the whole of the local police arm themselves...and I am not joking , they have tried to get me cornered so as to [B][U]"take me out"
I am in a kind of a second party state of mind and not relay aware its me that's causing all this mayhem...

But of cause it is you can feel yourself building up ready to erupt at who or whatever your mind has perceived has hacked you off to the point you want to kill them ,shot them ( it )[B

That my friend is what i am like when manic and so far to date it has cost me twenty two years in prisons and mental institutions...this was pree B/P diagnosis
at present I am fine ? lets hope you can read the sighns when you are going into hypermaina, and avoied the pitfalls!!! good luck
With much metta behavna scullyboy