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Re: Help!!!! Confused newly wed.

Originally Posted by JohnsGirlFlea
Do I trust him?
Did I mention they got a divorce because he cheated on her with 12 different women numberous amount of times.and they were only married for 7 months but still were sleeping together up un till we started dating so he says. He is one thing in my crazy life I was sure of, but now I am not so sure . where are all the good guys at what ever happened to "Marriage"why is it taken so lightly.

In view of what you said above - I would say that you knew what type of husband material he was likely to be - one that wouldn't respect his wife!

I reckon because he mucked up big time with his wife, she kicked him out, and he has turned to you for comfort and reassurance. Now with him keep phoning her, I recon he is trying to maybe win her back, maybe she has him on a string, a kind of punishment, making him suffer or something like that. She might be promising a reconcillation one minute, then changing her mind the next, hence him keep changing his mind about you and him.

If he was genuinely with you 100 percent, then why is he calling her everyday, you have to wonder?

I personaly think this marraige is not genuine in his eyes, grab your kid and run. Next time make sure you see and act on those RED flags.

Sorry to be so negative, I am just saying what I am thinking after reading what you wrote.

Take care