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Re: Barrett's Esophagus - I have it and I'm scared!

I have Barretts as well - For the past 5 months I have been really great, feeling quite normal in fact. Until a couple of weeks ago I woke up with heartburn and it has never gone away. It has progressively got worse. I have had every acid blocker you can buy and tried every single thing I have seen written. Nothing stops the pain of it. Even lifting my right arm up I feel it in my shoulder and chest. I have been tested for every thing from gallstones to you name it. LOL I am queen of the ultra sound machine.

I seen a surgeon last week as I could hardly walk with the pain, and thought I had an infected kidney. ( pain right side under rib ) It doesnt help to have kidney stones either by the way. He told me that the esophagitis can mimic things like pancreatis, gallstones, renal etc. And that you can have a battery of tests and they will all come back normal.

anyway I am booked in for a gastroscopy this coming Friday. PRoviding everything goes ok , in a couple of months time I may think about having the fundo surgery. It wont stop the barretts but it may stop this continual burning pain.

Dont stress to much.