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Re: I'm SCARED my partener has mild AS

I tend to agree with Gatsby. There are some improvements I would like to make in my life, but generally my Asperger's traits are positive ones. I have a good memory, good organizational skills, a good vocabulary, and a broad general knowledge range. I am still not the most social person in the world, but that has improved greatly over the years. I like being with people if I share common interests with them such as cats and issues related to Asperger's and other medical issues. I don't like small talk and don't feel adept at it. Sometimes I do dumb things I wish I hadn't.

My biggest goals for the future are getting a driver's license and attaining a full time job at the library where I work. My current job is ideal because it uses all of my skills. I also dream of going to London for the 2012 Olympics and meeting my hero, Roger Bannister. He is a hero to me because he has overcome great odds to achieve excellence, both in athletics and medicine. He is also a success in life, having been married over 50 years and achieving many successes. I suspect that Roger Bannister is a very high functioning person with Asperger's. If so, he is a great inspiration to me. I may never achieve anything on the level of Roger Bannister, but he shows that a good life is possible. He also shows that life does get better when you are an adult. As a teenager, he felt like an outcast because he was smart and had different interests than "typical" boys his age. In his 20s, he broke the four minute mile and became a doctor. In his 70s, he still approaches life with the vitality of youth. He is so interesting to me because he is interested in life.