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Re: Nerve firings affecting my sleep

all of these types of symptoms can be attributed to neck problems,trust all depends on just what is actually being affected.this sounds more like what i am getting in my legs tho,and mine is due to motor nerve damage,which can happen up in the neck just as easily.the types of symptoms you all are having are stemming from something,and since you all appear to have c spine affectation,well that would tend to back up this theory,wouldn't ya think? some docs are so completely inadequate as diagnosticians,really.i have seen three seperate neurosurgeons with one telling me that this hidious prying pressure type pain that seemed to just be gnawing away at underneath my shoulder blade for well over a year,was in no way due to my cavernoma because it sat right at the c 8 nerve level,which he stated was just too high.well after i finally went to the university of MN and consulted with the head of neurosurgery(now this guy actually knew about cavernomas and also had well over thirty years of experience)and what do you think was one of the very first things he told me?the pain was most likely due to my cav and even drew me flippin pictures as how those nerves actually ran below the level of affectation.geez,all it took was someone who actually knew what the hell they were doing,go figure.

I would keep pushing things with your docs,really.if they wont or don't help you,move onto another.not all are created equal,not even close.

i certainly hope you hear something positive from this new neurosurgeon.for anything having to do with the c spine,i would take an NS,a knowledgable one tho,lol.over any other type of doc.they just(on most occasions) seem to really understand the innerworkings of how the nevres all function on a much deeper level.i was soo lucky to find my NS when i did tho.unfortunetly he just retired in august of this yar and i am sooo bummed out trying to find a new one.god life sucks sometimes.good luck HTM,hopefully you will be seeing one of th more knowledgable and experienced ones.please let us all know what you find out.Marcia
3-22-01,herniated C-6-7
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