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Re: Too attached to Grandma

My oldest DD would do this when she was younger. I could never really figure it out either, but I found I just had to realize that it wasn't that she didn't love me. It was just that she enjoyed my mom a lot and that for her I was always there (she never worried about me not being there) and it was special for my mom to be around. To this day my mom and my oldest DD have a very special relationship that my mom doesn't have with any of the other grandchildren (not that she loves my oldest DD more, the relationship is just different). It is really wonderful to see when you can see though the jealousy. I was green wth envy too but I finally learned to see though it and appreciate the awesome relationship that they have since I never had special relationships with my grandparents.

BTW.. my dd was so bad that when she got the chicken pox at age 2 she woke me up screaming for "Ma" (what she calls my mom) from 2 am until 6:30 when I finally called my mom and she came over to see if we couldn't get her calmed down. Don't feel bad, sometimes it just happens.