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Incorrigible 3-year old

I need some advice, because my wife and I are at the end of our ropes with our younger son, who turned three in July.

He's a very good boy in many ways - smart as a whip, behaves well in pre-school (we've only heard good things from his teachers), loves his 6-year old big brother and is very affectionate.

The problem is, he's absolutely incorrigible when he's with us. Punishment seems to have no effect on him. We can give him time outs, yell at him, take away privileges, etc., but his naughty behavior doesn't change. He often just smiles and repeats the bad behavior immediately after being admonished for it.

What behavior am I referring to? Constant "potty" talk, temper tantrums, refusal to go to bed (bedtime is often a 2-hour ordeal, with him repeatedly leaving his bed and running out of the room he shares with his brother and/or keeping his brother awake with constant chatting), hitting (usually us or his brother), throwing toys, wrestling other children to the floor, running away from us in public places, and other misdeeds.

I realize many three-year olds engage in some of these behaviors at one time or another. But with him, it's all of them, all the time, every day. I don't think he has ADHD, because he actually has a very good attention span for books. He also can focus on playing with toys or in the sandbox. I think he's just very excited about life, and has trouble calming down.

In a worriesome development, some of our friends have indicated that they don't particularly want to hang out with us because his behavior is so awful. And I can't blame them. I just went through the weekend with him and feel like I survived a war. My wife and I both feel that our friends must think we're bad parents, although our first son is usually quite pleasant to be with.

Any advice?

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