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Re: opinions about importance of doctor

I agree with all of your opinions about the importance of the doctor. He is a RE and I have had 3 laparascopics, one (unneeded hernia repair), a breast reduction, 2 MRI's, numerous pain blocks, and a number of other treatments (acupuncture, counseling, birth control, on and on) - with many different doctors involved.

I have done chlomid for 6 cycles, one IUI cycle (produced lots of good eggs, but no pregnancy) and have been trying naturally for 6 years. I am going to turn 39 soon and I am really starting to freak. (I married at 31) We would have turned to IVF much sooner if this pain wasn't keeping me down.

This doctor has been great until now. I think his blunt honesty on my situation really is what ****** me off. So, am I mad at him, or mad at the situation? A bit of both. His nurse is great though and she is the one that I spend most of my time with, so the back-and-forth continues!

We are pursuing adoption at the same time because I don't think I can handle it knowing all my eggs are in one basket - so I am putting them all in 2 baskets.

Thanks for letting me vent! It is amazing what we women will go through!