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Re: help i need coping skills

I have bipolar and borderline personality disorder and my boyfriend has ADHD and Bipolar, so I do know that it is difficult with dealing with the ADHD, let alone the bipolar part as well.

He has trouble focusing on things and is often bored.

I have found that getting him into something that interests him helps a lot.

Does your son like to play RPG's (role playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons? *******? Werewolf?), these rpg's are helpful to keep the mind busy thinking of story lines and keep him creative because of the campaigning. We play D n D a lot as well as a few of the others.

Also, to keep your son's mind busy, a routine is also good for him to have.

Go to school, come home, do homework, surf the web (monitored of course), write stories or poetry or even songs. Something to keep his mind in one place for a bit and thinking......creating......

I hope that this helped you out a little.