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Since I've just bought an excellent fitness book
we can give you some pointers. Your on the right
track of limiting your carbs and some fats. By
eating sugar and carbs your body will convert the
carbs into sugar and your body will then store it.
By eating plant food, lettuce, colleflower,spinach
amino acid foods and fruits and vegetables and of
course protein your body will process the nutrients
and then when you work out you will burn fat and
not sugar, so limiting or eleminating sugar is
important for fat loss. As for cardio a high
intensity workout of 20 to 30 minutes will help
speed up the metabolism. A low to medium exercise
such as aerobics doesn't do the job quick enough.
Your best way is to exercise at a high energy pace
and don't exercise for more than one hour so that
you don't overtrain. All of your fat loss will take
place when you are not exercising. Hope this helps.