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"I tried excercising and stuff before but I found myself getting sore... and fatigue all the time."

No pain - No gain
For most people, weightlifting is a harmless pastime. But for the ELITE, it's a GRUELING RITUAL. It incorporates PAIN as it's own DIVINE REWARD, it sees no amount of crushing dedication as to great a sacrifice & it never fails to bring results to determined individuals.

I remember when I was a newbie to weight lifting. My legs hurt so bad that I limped when I walked. I could not move my arms without my chest hurting so bad that I would grunt from the pain & I would feel like a vegetable every time I left the gym. I knew pain was something I would have to deal with and I did.

Now, 3 years later. I love the pain. If I wake up in the morning feeling sore, it's a great day. It reminds me as to how dedicated I am and how hard I work to maintain what I have accomplished. Once you realize that weightlifting & pain goes hand in hand without complaining about it, I'll give you advice.

I honestly don't want to sound mean, but I have seen it all the time. If someone complains about the pain that weightlifting causes, their dedication does not last. It would be a waist of time to give advice IMOP.

Take this into consideration. My best friend started weightlifting his sophomore year in HS. When he started, he was 5'11 140LB's 12% body fat. He would be in so much pain sometimes that he cried. He had more dedication then I have ever seen. Now, 3 years later, he is 5'11 205LB's 6% body fat. DEDICATION!

I really do hope you accomplish what you have your mind set on. Never alter your body to dazzel womens eyes. Do it for yourself! Best of luck to ya!

P.S - No pain - No gain!
For the majority, weightlifting is a harmless past time. But for the elite, it's a grueling ritual. It incorporates pain as it's own divine reward. It sees no amount of crushing dedication as too great a sacrifice and never fails to render results.