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what are best tests to show graves

Hi I've been on this site a few times and have always received good advice so I'm hoping for more this time.

dx with graves 2002
on ptu for 3 years but still had high antibodies
had RAI (YUK) 3 months ago
now very HYPO

Anyway this question is about my 18 year old son I know this all runs in the family and he has been having the same symptoms/signs that I had prior to my dx of graves

In the last year he have lost a total of 30lbs (without trying)
He cannot sleep, awake till 4 am most nights
he is "on edge" (his words) all the time

He was dx with cardiomyopathy Jan of this year, so he is on bp and heart rate meds so we dont really know if they have increased. That was why my dr decided to test me high bp and heart rate.

Jan 2006 tsh 1.47 range 0.49-4.67
March 2006 tsh 1.09 0.27-4.2
T3 free 4.0 2.6-4.4
T4 free 1.36 0.7-1.7
Aug 2006 tsh 0.70 0.27-4.2

As you can see his TSH is still within normal range but have been going down , I know I cannot use my experience all the time but I had hyper signs for about 2 years before I was diagnosed and my tests always had me in the Low?High normals
In august he was supposed to have the free's done but between starting college and moving we never got around to it . I am very worried about him and would really appreciate any help you could give me Do you think I should ask the Dr to do the TSI test on him or am I concentrating on Thyroid too much?

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