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Re: ??? Questions ???

Originally Posted by dachsundmom
It took me over 40 years just to be properly diagnosed! I have never taken the meds. that you are on but my meds ( Depakote, Etrafon & Paxil) have caused me to gain over 60 pounds. But they keep me really stable most of the time & I guess it's a trade-off. I'm just now accepting that i'm no longer thin & trying to motivate myself to lose before my sons' wedding next September. I've had the hardest time accepting being "fat" because I was always thin. Now I just have to do something about it & getting motivated is one of my major issues. Sometimes it really does take awhile for your pdoc to get the combination right. Hang in there & it'll happen.
I have had a long run of bad luck of depression and trying to get the right cocktail of meds to make me feel better. I must admit that the pdoc I have now, is really very concerned and very sensitive about the fact that there are some meds that can make us woman gain some (unwanted) weight. He therefore tries not to prescribe something that will make me gain weight as a number one choice for my bipolur disease and depression, but will (hopefully) only use those if we are left with no other alternative. I would, however, like to hear if there are some drugs or ideas on how to make peace with the fact that I would have to gain weight in order to take care of my bipolur disease and depression. I mean, how do I control my depression and OCD if I am unhappy because of being so overweight! What do you do to lose it, if you do not eat well at all? Any advice or ideas welcome!!