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Re: made a friend with bipolar angry, help

Hi Picali,
My Son Is Bipolar 15 1/2. He Is Ok Right Now On Meds. I Have 2 Friends Bipolar. One For 15yrs But We Didnt Speak Over A Disagreement For 4 Yrs. I Do See Her Now And It Is The Same. The Other Person I Met June And We Hit It Off. But She Told Me She Shuts Down For A Long Time And Its Not Personal. Well I Feel Hurt And I Think I Did Something Wrong But I Didnt. She Still Dont Talk To Me And She Lives Next Door. Its Been A Month. So Hang In There. My Other Friend And My Son Tell Me They Go Off And It Has Nothing To Do With Me. I Hope You Keep Writing On Board. There Are Wonderful Bipolar Or Not People On This Board And It Helps Me Alot. I Dont Feel So Alone.
She Will Be Back. True Friends Always Do...
Take Care