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Re: What is everyones favorite perfume?!?!?

Originally Posted by sandi303
For those that can't wear most perfumes, such as myself. Something you might try is The Healing Garden's White Tea body spray & lotion. You can buy it at Walgreens & CVS. It has a unique smell & I have had many compliments on it.
Are you saying this because most perfumes make you nauseous and/or give you a headache? I have to hold my breath to walk through the cosmetic/perfume department and tear out all those awful perfume samples before I can read the magazine.

Anyway, if so, thanks for the suggestion.

Also, for some more suggestions for those with the same problem, I often wear the Sparkle vanilla musk spray. It's by secret I think and cheap. I have another called Hula Girl that I found at Marshalls. I don't know where you'd get it normally. It smells like Ambrosia. Or fruit salad depending on your opinion. I guess food smells are less noxious.

I have a lemon grass and ginger body spray from Target that I love the smell of. It's not a perfume though and doesn't last. I've been looking for a similar perfume. I've tried making it with some essential oils, but I suspect what I made smells too much like vietnamese food.

Simple flower scents don't bother me much. Like a nice rose perfume.

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