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Re: Too attached to Grandma

Jazzmine, don't worry! It's only natural. My grandbaby and her mommy lived with me for the first 16 months of her life and the baby did the same thing with us.
The appeal for the baby is that grandma is just for fun stuff! You are the one thay makes her eat the veggies that she may not want, you are the one that makes her swallow that nasty tasting medicine when she needs it, you are the one that gives her the baths she may not want, which is as it should be!
Grandma just sweet talks her, gives her lots of "fun" attention, buys her toys and doesn't make hr do anything she doesn't want to do.

Your baby is young but old enough to know what is fun and what is not. Don't worry. That baby will know soon enough that no matter what, you are the constant in her life. You are always there to take care of her and see to her needs and you can be fun too! Don't let this turn into a competition between you and grandma. Let them have their time together while they can because grandma is not always going to be there but your child will know that you always will be, for good and for bad.