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Re: Period Issues: need advice

I feel so bad for you. I too have been having some really long, heavy periods. It really stinks. What my concern is that it sounds like your Dr is not really taking your problem seriously.If you have not had an ultrasound in two years I really think it is time to investigate WHY you are having this issue. Sometimes regular ultrasound is not enough and you may need to have a more diagnostic test like a SIS (saline infusion sonogram) to determine what is happening.You should not have to suffer like this. If you are not planning on having any chilldren there is a procedure called ablation that basically "cauterizes" the uterus, reducing painful , heavy periods and sometimes stops periods all together. I would really see if your Dr would look into this problem and if not I would think about switching DR's.It kind of sounds like you are getting the brush off.