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Re: A Helping Hand Needed

Most babies and kids with Down syndrome are really just like other kids. The only difference is that it might take them longer to reach their developmental milestones.In the first few years of life it is very omportant that they recieve what we refer to in the US as "early intervention" which basically provides therapies to help keep them on track developmentally. This includes such things such as occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy.This is often done in the home or at day care. Once they are around three years old often our children start pre school. Many of our kids have some health issues. Often these are heart related. There can be digestion issues and often frequent respritory illnesses. All in all ,yes, our kids often need a little extra help but it is so worth it.No child has any guarentees in life. I think you will find that if you ask anyone with a child with Down syndrome that although it is difficult sometimes the rewards are so much more. I have learned what is really important in life. I think my life has been much enriched by having my daughter.